The recent omission of the National Anthem and the Lord’s Prayer  broadcast throughout the Glendon School  had dozens of parents motivated to take action at the November Parent Council Meeting.  Glendon School Principal Kenneth Pshyk admitted the school stopped playing the tape because of a technical production issue.  When parents commented, Pshyk looked into the issue further and found that Glendon School was acting unconstitutionally by playing the Lord’s Prayer over the PA system.  “Not that it is illegal,” he cautioned the vocal group of parents.  “According to Bill C44, it is legal to be played in school but the school has to notify all parents and give them the opportunity to allow their children to opt out.  We didn’t do that.”  Pshyk has been principal since 2009 and in Glendon School the Lord’s Prayer and the Canadian Anthem has been played during morning exercises for as long as anyone can remember.


Recently a note went home to parents giving them the opportunity to opt their children out of standing and listening to the Lord’s Prayer.  There was a poor return response and Pshyk indicated to parents that a non-reply would not be taken as an opt in or an opt out so a second wave of forms went home. 


From there, Pshyk will take the information to the NLSD School Board Meeting on December 11 to have them make a final decision as to whether or not Glendon School will play the Lord’s Prayer every morning.  Further to that, Pshyk says the technical problem has been fixed and the National Anthem is again being played.


Parent Council Meetings are an opportunity for all parents to have a say in Glendon School. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month except during the summer.  The next meeting will be January 28 at 6:30 p.m. followed by the Parent Advisory Society meeting.