The 12th Annual Colour  Night was held on June 18 at Glendon School.  The banquet singles out the solid athletics program and celebrates the impressive success of the 1A school.  Put on by Athletics Director Daryn Galatiuk who is described by School Trustee Garry Kissel as “he lives and breathes Glendon School Athletics.”

In recent years, the Glendon School gym has been adorned with banners representing achievements on a district, Zone and Provincial level and athletes are encouraged to recognize the achievements of each other and celebrate the team aspect of what it takes to compete on a provincial level.  Glendon School certainly has a taste of that!


Special Awards:

#1 Fan – Debbie Krawchuk

Volunteer of the Year – Carla Paton

Sportsperson of the Year – Austin Paton and Samantha Makaruk

Scholar Award for the athletes who best combines Academics and Athletics:  Julia Tran and Jason Tran

Maegan Janz Memorial Award – Darin Luciow

Jr High Cross Country

Heart – Sydney Theroux

Most Improved – Julia Tran

MVP – Hailey Theroux

Senior High Cross Country

Heart – Morgan Pshyk

Most Improved – Rae Ann Noel

MVP – Darin Luciow

Junior Girls Volleyball

Heart – Paxton Gamblin

Rookie – Karlee Voltner

Most Improved – Samantha Makaruk

Sportsmanship – Josie Kwiatkowski

MVP – Paige Kwiatkowski

Junior High Boys Volleyball

Heart – Nathaniel Paro-Varga

Rookie – Josh Foley

Most Improved – Taylor Loch

Sportsmanship – Sheldon Kwiatkowski

MVP – Carson Doonanco

Senior Girls Volleyball

Sportsmanship – Emily Knapp

Most Improved – Kirstin Voltner

Rookie – Kassidy Doonanco

Heart – Kayla Hellum

MVP – Paige Skrypichayko

Senior Boys Volleyball

Heart – Scott Cardinal

Rookie – Kohl McOuat

Sportsmanship – Darin Luciow

Most Improved – Sheldon Krawchuk

MVP – Jayden Foley

Jr and Senior Curling – host school for 2012/13 Mixed Provincials

Most Improved – Cole Burshtinski

Heart – Ashley White

Rookie – Karlee Voltner

Jr Girls Basketball

Rookie-Keara Mack

Most Improved – Heidi Debuscherre

Heart – Julia Tran

Sportsmanship – Mindy Mack

MVP – Brooke McOuat

Jr. Boys Basketball

Heart – Jason Tran

Rookie – Blaine Lotsberg

Sportsmanlike – Jonah Crocker

Most Improved – Devon Wosminity

MVP – Keaton Zentner

Senior Boys Basketball – SPAA Champions

Heart – Elliott Lotsberg

Rookie – Kohl McOuat

Sportsmanlike – Scott Cardinal

Most Improved – Colten Zentner

MVP – Austin Paton

Senior Girls Basketball – SPAA Champions (undefeated)

Most Improved – Morgan Pshyk

Heart – Kayla Hellum

Sportsmanlike – Paige Skrypichyako

Rookie – Regen Debusshere

MVP – Jaqueline Janz

Jr High Badminton – SPAA Mixed Badminton Champions

Most Improved – Keara Mack, Paige Kwiatkowski

MVP – Hailey Theroux, Keaton Zentner

Sr. Badminton – top 1A school, 3rd overall in SPAA

Most Improved – Fred Attfield

MVP – Kohl McOuat

Jr Track and Field

Heart – Julia Tran

Most Improved – Mindy Mack

MVP – Savannah Mack

Sr Track – Girls SPAA Champions,  1A Provincial Team Champions

Heart – Ashley Bilodeau

Most Improved – Shayla Danyliuk

MVP – Paige Skrypichayko

Athlete of the Year

Jr. Girls – Brooke McOuat

Jr. Boys – Keaton Zentner

Sr. Girls – Paige Skrypichayko

Sr. Boys – Jayden Foley