It just may be the most exciting Glendon venture…ever! Under Armour is holding a national contest for Canadian High Schools and the prize is a hefty $100,000. The mega apparel manufacturer came up with the contest to discover the school with the most gritty, undeniable spirit.  It’s the stuff that legends are made of and Glendon surely fits the bill. With just 60 kids in high school, virtually every student is a multi-sport athlete, musician, artist and actor. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a team or a club. Peer pressure is a wonderful thing.

The winning school will receive $100,000 worth of the most innovative uniforms, apparel, footwear and accessories on the planet to outfit their athletic teams. Goodbye bake sales and bottle drives!

Points are awarded based on the challenges but points are also awarded for votes. So that’s where you fit in. Fans have to vote through Facebook account to show that they support the spirit of Glendon School. Supporters can vote every day. Sign on to Facebook and search for Go to the leaderboard and find Glendon. Currently sitting in number one…just by a hair, the school needs every man, woman and child in the community and afar to vote for the school. Your vote is crucial to Glendon’s success.

Hurry, the first round of competition will end on November 27th and the top two point getters and one Under Armour wild card pick will be entered into a face off round to determine Canada’s most Undeniable high school.

In recent years, Glendon School is undeniably one of the powerhouses in athletics. Provincial basketball, track and volleyball awards along with cross country and more as shown that a small School like Glendon can dig deep. Really deep.

Athletic Director Daryn Galatiuk is dumbfounded seeing how far the school has come. The school has to submit completed challenges showing school spirit and creativity along with the daily voting. Glendon School is in tough competition going head to head with schools that have grad classes bigger than the entire Village of Glendon. But the school is undaunted and, taking the gladiator role, launching a worthy battle. Even the mascot, Knightro, pumped out an impressive 60 pushups in a minute to gather significant points.

Challenges include chants and athletic events, creative cookery and art classes, music and dancing. Show Glendon your moxie and get your facebook friends to vote.  This is the biggest deal to hit Glendon School since power arrived!