I think that Nike used the phrase…Believe.  Then Prove It.  That’s exactly what Glendon School did in sporting events throughout this school year and last night athletes were honoured for their stellar achievements.  The impressive athletic program can be attributed to the ASAA Most Sportsmanlike Coach of the Year Athletic Director Daryn Galatiuk.  He singlehandedly made these athletes believe that even if they were from a small school that they could excel .  And excel they did!

Notable achievements were the SPAA (St. Paul Athletics Association) Banner for Senior Girls Volleyball and Jr. Girls Basketball.  As well, the Senior Boys Basketball team brought home the SPAA Banner and participated in Provincials for the second straight year.  The Junior and Senior Curling teams lost out in the SPAA finals and 12 athletes went to provincials in Cross Country.  However, the most exciting thing by far was when 12 Glendon school athletes went to Toronto on the AB team consisting of 24 kids to compete in the inaugural High School Grand Prix Track and Field Championships.  The AB team came out number one in Canada and Glendon medaled in four events along with many top 10 finishes.  From Toronto to St. Paul, Glendon kicked in SPAA, rocked Zones and sent a record 12 kids in 20 events to provincials.  One stand out athlete brought history to Glendon.  Paige Skrypichayko dominated the throwing events, placing third in discus, second in shot put and gold in javelin bringing home a rainbow of medals.  Glendon crushed every school in the 1A category scoring 177.25 points while the second place school scored 49.  In fact, Glendon beat every other 2A school (which rightfully would earn them the 2A banner) and placed 10th out of EVERY school in the province.  Remember, this is from a high school population of about 60 kids!

Two new awards were handed out in Glendon this year to honour and reward our athletes who also excel in kindness and academics.  Sportsperson of the Year was Morgan Pshyk and Darin Luciow and Academics/Athletics Player of the Year was Emily Knapp and Jeremy Werstiuk.  Athletes of the Year were JR High:  Regen Debussherre and Cole McOuat and Senior High:  Paige Skrypichayko and Jesse Witwicky.  Galatiuk noted that never before in the history of Glendon has a grade 10 student won Athlete of the Year for High School while recongizing Skrypichayko’s accomplishments.

Remember the little engine that could?  Well, Glendon did.

 All Award Winners

Jr. Cross Country  Most Improved:  Kassidy Doonanco  MVP:  Henri Johnson
 Sr. Cross Country:  Most Improved Player:  Renee Cote MVP: Alanna Gagne
 Junior Girls Volleyball: Most Sportsmanlike:  Meagan Huffman Most Improved:  Alicia Drew Rookie of the Year:  Brooke McOuat Heart Award:  Hailey Theroux, MVP:  Kassidy Doonanco
 Junior Boys Volleyball: Rookie:  Carson Doonanco Most Improved:  Walker LaRivierre Most Sportsmanlike:  Nathaniel Perrault-Varga Heart:  Taylor Loch MVP: Cole McOuat
 Senior Girls Volleyball: Most Improved:  Paige Lundgren Most Sportsmanlike:  Amber Corbiere Rookie:  Paige Skrypichayko Heart:  Emily Knapp MVP:  Courtney Wilkowski
 Senior Boys Volleyball: Most Improved:  Colten Zentner Sportsmanlike:  Scott Cardinal Rookie:  Austin PatonHeart:  Darin Luciow MVP:  Jesse Witwicky
 Jr & Sr. Curling: Most Improved:  Kyla Burshtinski and Sheldon Kwiatkowski Heart:  Ashley Mathiot 
Jr. Girls Basketball: Rookie:  Brooke McOuat Heart:  Kayla Hellum Sportsmanlike:  Morgan Pshyk Most Improved:  Becky Kwiatkowski MVP:  Jacqueline Janz
 Jr. Boys Basketball:  Rookie:  Reid Skrypichayko Most Sportsmanlike:  Casey Aylesworth Most Improved:  Kole Nesimiuk Heart:  Henri Johnson MVP:  Cole McOuat
 Senior Girls Basketball: Most Sportsmanlike: Nicole Pshyk Most Improved:  Paige Lundgren Heart:  Emily Knapp MVP/Rookie:  Paige Skrypichayko
 Senior Boys Basketball: Rookie:  Jayden Foley Most Sportsmanlike:  Scott Cardinal Most Improved:  Robert Burshtinski Heart:  Josh Pelham MVP:  Jesse Witwicky
 Senior Badminton: MVP:  Darcy Kwiatkowski Most Improved:  Jesse Witwicky
 Junior Badminton: Most Improved:  Morgan Pshyk, Travis Carlson MVP:  Cole McOuat
 Junior Track and Field: Most Improved:  Kayla Hellum MVP:  Jacqueline Janz
 Senior Track and Field: Most Improved:  Shayla Danyliuk, Fred Attfield MVP:  Paige Skrypichayko
 Maegan Janz Memorial Award:  Alanna Gagne 
Glendon Booster Club Award:  Nancy Lotsberg
 Volunteer of the Year:  Sherry Skrypichayko